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Oxygen Concentrator Solutions is dedicated to helping oxygen therapy users, predominately those diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), maintain an active lifestyle, improve their quality of life, and increase their freedom and independence. We are committed to being a trail-blazer for medical equipment supplying, in particular, Oxygen Concentrators and Accessories. We believe in better affordability, better availability, and most importantly, building customer relationships for the long term.

Oxygen Concentrator Solutions

Although we’re trusted to take care of the patients from some of the best-known hospitals and physician offices, we have never lost sight of the individual. We are always going to work with you to get the best oxygen concentrator for your specific needs. We know that behind every order is a person who is trusting us to get it right — the first time.

Our Approach is simple; We believe that having the right oxygen concentrator can be as important as having the oxygen itself! Supplemental oxygen has been proven to drastically reduce the symptoms and extend life expectancy of patients with COPD. However, despite the clear benefits of oxygen therapy, many patients find it tough to comply with their therapy because most of their equipment is too heavy, bulky and cumbersome to lead an active life. Today’s more active patient is refusing to be burdened with cumbersome liquid oxygen tanks and tank deliveries.