Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are machines that take in the air from the certain surroundings, and concentrates the oxygen from the air we live in. Since air consists of about 80% nitrogen and about 20% oxygen, O2 concentrators operate by removing the nitrogen from the air we breathe in, just leaving the oxygen. They make use of a substance called Zeolite to absorb the nitrogen right up. At high pressure, the zeolite can absorb large amounts of nitrogen in the air, due to the large and porous surface area it has. Oxygen concentrators are therefore essentially nitrogen scrubbers, allowing oxygen and the other atmospheric gasses to pass through the macine, leaving oxygen as the major gas remaining to breathe in. The oxygen, that is now 95% pure, will then be supplied to the large reservoir bag in the system.

These Concentrators can be used in any Location

Oxygen Concentrators are considered safe mediums for oxygen production to exist, reducing much of the fire risk of medical oxygen bottles as possible. They are relatively cheap and can be used in the home, gym or certain clinic settings. Oxygen concentrators provides full instructions for the use of their unique systems and professionals who choose to employ oxygen in their gym for people or clinic can also avail themselves of additional training in protocols delivery and variations.