Concentrators ackermans pharmacy

We supply the latest in oxygen concentrator technology from the world’s leading manufacturers from Ackermans Pharmacy. Our friendly and helpful consultants can provide advice on your supplemental oxygen requirements, so that you can regain an active lifestyle.

All Oxygen concentrators work by drawing in the surrounding air, passing it through a sieve bed extracting the Nitrogen and storing the oxygen under pressure.

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are a relatively new means of supplying supplemental Oxygen whilst giving an individual greater personal freedom. As the technology improves, the POCs are reducing in size and weight. Weight and size reduction is made possible by supplying pulse Oxygen. This is where your breath triggers the release (pulse) of Oxygen. The use of pulse delivery significantly lessens the demand for Oxygen compared to a continuous flow machine. The majority of people can comfortably use pulse delivery Oxygen whilst out and about, although it is recommended that you check with your Doctor first. Many people will combine a continuous flow machine at home and maybe at night with a pulse delivery POC if out during the day.